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AppLocker 1 3

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Do you want to restrict which applications are used on your system? Locker application is a simple program that prevents certain programs from dibuka.Aplikasi Locker is really useful for parents who want to restrict their children with the computer, or just keep certain programs out of reach of other users. This is restricted to the .EXE file so that you can not use the control panel to lock, which is a shameIs. However, the things sepertiFirefoxand IE can be easily locked, restrict access to the application internet.Sanatidak no security locker so that anyone can open the locked program. However, if you install with administrator rights on your PC and set that only be used by administrators, it will efektif.Sebagai way to flag for the user that they do not need to use a particular application to perform these tricks. It comes with a help PDF,Although this is very informative! For menambahpermohonan toKeyKeylist, you can only have to insert the name of the exe file, which is not difficult but you can see for applications for menambahkan.Untuk security, App Locker is an easy way to keep certain programs out of bounds .