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The second part of the classic first-person shooter series Call of Duty Infinity Ward 2 dives in a series of exciting battles of World War II, and the message from the defense of Moscow in the battle of Stalingrad El Alamein D-Day, and much more, and type major armed with World war PiliVita, this game combines real anti Set-part with lots of intense fighting game fast paced. Many messages have boypyahota, but there are some scenes in a battle tank. Back linesCall inimigoof Tariff2 was the shooter in this highly influential fans of the genre are already familiar with their thinking wengiya people, including simple mechanical damage and hands. Sandy atmosphere really makes the game special charm and character provide support as major environmental and key information battlefield. Despite the fact that this is the second international symbol shootervayny- In fact, one of the last entries in the genre – a variety of tasks, including sniper challenge desesperadabatallas sounded and obsessed with defenseagainst the forces of the enemy. Behind frontIf became a genre of shooters from the first person, who has not played this experience on the battlefield is classickuangalia. Some of the graphics feel a bit dated, but the mechanics of combat remain fresh. And the possibility of multiplayer action game, so even if, yakklasichnaya game which does most of the Internet community.

Call of Duty is a first person World War IIVita classic shooting game. First released in 2003, spawned serieque began to master Ghanafor years. With the original Medal of Honor to determine the type of games of World War II for many years. The game is told the soldiers who are fighting the US and Russia katikaaskari UK and includes not only the infantry, but also a small number of anti-zadachbak. Glory and tragedy warCall debt immersive first-person shooter in full swing, but the battle scenes, not only in action movies thrill rides.
kukutanaAu vision often afraid of the dark and during combat missions especially great indemonstration of the Red Army. These scenes inspired by both films, the enemy at the gates to the actual events in the Battle of Stalingrad cause confusion of the war in a way that few other gulnyavdasyagnuty. classic shooterfansIf you’re a fan of first-person shooter Call of Duty is definitely worth playing, not only because it is an exciting game, but also because of its influence in the next games. Some items can be seen as a system of destruction and schedule some time, butthere’s still plenty here kupatakufurahia both history and war buffs.