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Music Collector Pro 16

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This program is designed for users who stored on the hard disk, a large collection of music. With this program, to be able to catalog, which will result in full view of the disk, and you’ll always know that imatealbumi, songs and so on,music collector download may not be complete news. I used to collect music, I remember how I tried to load as much as possible, trying to keep track of what’s new, borrowed from friends very difficult dyskavi copying of music as a whole, there wasa time. Now, withdevelopment of a social network, I have a few songs on the computer no longer holds, I do not see the point of it really, I just getting older or changed values, but before many others will find this program very much, I’m just I do not know about its existence.

rabotas Music CollectorIt is quite simple, even if most do not speak English, a good judge, of course, that I can, but I realized quite quickly, although I can not say chtoee polyglot. Following the launch of the product, for example,you can put the CD-ROM disk music continues to evolve avtomatichnose linkdatabase, known CDDB data and code will find the artist on the disc, the disc will be added to the database, you can download additional coverage. Is this simple operation, you will end up with a more detailed description of your disk, which, of course, can not be radvatnegoviyaowner. If you want to work with the hard drive, then you just have to show to scan a folder, Ń‘ststaksama all songs and after the information is added to the databasecan be found.

Music, of course manifold will allow you to work, and then in the collection, you can search music, you can see the cover and perform other operations. When it comes to music files on your hard drive, you can work with various audio formats like MP3 or FLAC, OGG and other others. This professional version of the product you can shareBased dannis friends do not think it’s useful, but still.
On the official site you can read all about the details, there can be found, as I understand it in the programof film machine, he has quite a large collection of music. Overall, music collector does not write to me morethan anything dobroprograma sorry that there is no support in Russian, and the work will be even better with him. If you have had experience of treatment with the help of this application, be sure to share them with our other customers, I think it will be useful for all, a good day!

How to install:

1-Openinstalling the software.

2 use; registration program

3 That’s it. Enjoy the ultimate full version.