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Hidden Figures 2017

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Hidden FiguresDer film tells the story of an African-American mathematician, Katherine Johnson and her colleagues Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson, computer Langley Research Center working in the West.
Passengers 2016 full With the help of their precise calculations helping NASA successfully firstAmerican astronaut to send began making a full rotation of the Earth.


Classification: P13

General Release Date: February 23, 2017

Genre: Drama Rating:

Duration: 2 hours 6 minutes

Distributor: 20th Century Fox

Thrown Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monet, Kevin Costner, KirstenDunst

Director: Theodore Melfi

Format: 2D

The incredible story of Catherine D. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson – brilliant African-American women who work at NASA and the brains behind one of the biggest operations of the story is as follows: the launch of astronaut John Glennin orbit, with stunning performance, the people’s trust back, turn to the Space Race ipocinkovani world. Visionary trio crossed all traces of sex and gender, inspire future generations to dream.

The story of a team of African-American women mathematiciansin the early years of the US space program was an important role in NASA. When the United States against Russia to make man into space, NASA was in a group of African-American mathematicians, soosBrain history behind one of the biggest operations unused talent.Vrz on incredibletrue life stories of these three women, known as “human computer” We follow these women as they join a rapidly joining the ranks of NASA up, along with many of the greatest minds in history, especially the calculation of the considerable burden of astronauts JohnGlen was commissioned in orbit and ensure his safe return. Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Katherine Jackson and Johnson crossed all gender, race and occupation lines, and its brilliance desire to dream big, anything ever achieved before by mankind, deeply rootedin history as a true American hero.