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WeChat 1.1 torrent

WeChat 1.1

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WeChat is the popular free messaging service for mobile and now Windows. This desktop version allows you to chat and share files just as you can on the mobile versions. KMSAuto Net 2015 torrent

Communication with the mobile operator

chtobyispolzovat WeChat, you need zaregistravatstsavlikovagarecording with your mobile phone. This version of Windows, is a complement to mobile applications. To register, you simply download the app for your mobile device, enter the phone number, and then send vvestiperevirkukod.

providing dadatkamdostupto your contacts allows you to see who’s already using WeChat. To use a version of Windows, you must open the mobile app and take a photo of the QR code that appears on the screen. After sdelano.WeChat for the Windows, opens, look and feel very similar, it ismobile relative.

Functional basic chat application

With WeChat, you can chat with your contacts via your desktop, and get notified when htosyaksvyazatsya with you. You can also send files. Transferring files, probably more useful on Windows, mobile chymnadevices (especially if you are an IOS user), you can send any type of file that you love through WeChat.

WeChat enough prosto.Krome text chat and file transfer, you can also send screenshots and smiley. Screenshot tool well avtamatychnadagavornaya aroundwindows you hover. Where WeChat behind other applications, such as Skype or Facebook Messenger is vidsutnistvideo or voice chat.

Ostavaytesna connection without a phone

WeChat for the Windows, it is a welcome addition to mobile applications, but note that you use nemozheshwithout his mobile account. However, it is useful if you want to stay in touch, despite his phone!