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Adblock Plus for Chrome 1 x86 x64 download

Adblock Plus for Chrome 1

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Adblock Plus is a version of the popular ad-blocking browser Chrome.

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If you surf the internet, you know how annoying it can be advertising. They blink, blink and generally more ffordd.Os’re really lucky, they may even be potentially dangerous. Adblock Plus eliminates advertising pagesyou can read it, leaving the space clean, quiet on his way.

Adblock Plus works by using filters. If some elements prysutnichayutsnadudalenUwch filter them. There are several filters readily available, and you can choose however many you want Adblock Plus menu settings.

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ifyou’re a little more technical ability, you can also creueich own filters or predefined filter elements by right-clicking them and selecting the block element. It becomes easier Toolbar Developer, which shows the components together with filters for blocking.

inAdblock Plusopsiynau customize, you can add specific websites to whitelists (Issued by blocking) and toggle few alternatives. You will also see Adblock Plus icon in the address bar and press it, you can enable or disable Adblock Plusmewn one click.

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If you are worried ads while on the internet, try Adblock Plus. You may regret it.

Adblock Plus is dapavnennishto Firefox allows you to block ads that appear on web pages.

it yrGan for Firefox, Adblock Plus is a small program that sits in setivnotogorniya right corner of the barnavigation. By clicking on the red icon displays a list of blocked elements of the page and drop-down menu shows more features and configuration options.

ambod Adblock Plus, which is to work properly, you must choose Adblock filter. There are plenty of instructions pravaadin websiteprogram, so do not worry about it too much. If you prefer not to subscribe to the newsletter, you can select an ad igloi himself.

Adblock Plus works by identifying reklamataueb page and completely preventing it from happening. Adblock Plus there is a danger thatYou may accidentally block something that is not actually advertising, although in our tests it did not happen.

Adblock Plus is still oedos block legitimate object saytdae information about what to do – in fact, it provides information on nearly every aspect of the program.

Surf the Internetno advertising is very strange experience – you may even find yourself thinking that rhaio’ch favorite pages look a little empty!

zhelaniebez ads to watch? Adblock Plus will then be created for you.


Brazilian Portuguese translation added again.

trohiznizilisya oediagor new browser windows.

Correct:Tabs on Flash and Java mights memory leaks in some rare cases.

Fix: If the images are highlighted with a list of blocking elements can not see the flashing border.

sefydlogdedfryd wrong filter composer ($ object filtering option subqueries specified incorrectly).

Correct: undesirable sideefektipreorazmeryavane list items have been prevented if vkladkiustalovvaetstsa vertical extension (error 23 890).

Fix: Filter statistics are not returned to Firefox 4 when the browsing history cleared at the end of the browser (the theme of the forum).

Correct: The list of blocked elements ofcontext menu work correctly in Firefox and SeaMonkey (bug 23890).

Fix: Text tooltip shows a mock cross button next to “Tell us on Facebook».