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Multi Commander v6

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For a long time on our website, which will be issued a new file manager, now the day has come. If you suddenly decide to download the Multi Commander with our project for full mailing, you will get the boss to work quite well withFiles that have a tabbed system and a standard Windows Explorer alternative. Note that the program pays in antiquity, the developers decided not to be greedy and make it very gwblrhad for free, plus a small one.

Commander industry using multi-informationDisplay popular support and very effective, you will have two panels for more convenient work with files. According to the developers of this program there is absolutely everything you need for comfortable work with images, now you have to spend much less time to performSimple operations.
Of course, you will get all the standard functions of the file organizer, that is, copy, move, rename and perform other activities on the selected files.

The commander amlMae has several additional functions, such as support for automaticExtract files, auto-sort, you can view files, edit the registry and connect to remote servers, ie, support FTP. You can make all kinds of files and images, as well as script support, to automate many operations as possible.The Commander interface is often maklikvir use, in the beginning familiar with a few, it seems that too much, but then quickly get used to supporting Russia, so to understand a large number of institutions is so difficult, in general, a program that I like, and not negativity caused.

ThanksTabs, you can open multiple tabs on the same panel, which is very convenient, I’m always just a set. With the built-in cabinet, you can quickly find files. Multi Commander allows the passien interface. You can change the background color, as well as other parameters of another main windowCan add a program to various plug-ins, gallwchcaniat√Ęd for different files, do not forget about a large number of viewers, that is, you can not help seeing photos and documents, listen to audio compilations. In general, paint can for Multi Commander for a very long time, especially in manyFrom the program on the official website, you can read all the details, and the old endby this little review.

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