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Moana 2016.1080p

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Moana Waialiki – sea voyage enthusiast and only daughter of the head of a long line of navigation. When the fishermen of the island, you can not fish, and crops fail, she learned that the demigod Maui called discouraged from stealing the heart of God Those witty. Ășnicaforma to heal the heart ostrovot- convince Maui White Che back, then go on Moana epic journey across the Pacific Ocean. The film is based on stories Polynesian mythology.

Three periods of time – the young sproutand young people – in the lives of black Americans Chiron.
When Chiron lives sonegoviotĂșnico, father junkie mother Paula in crime neighborhoods in Miami. Chiron is a shy, reserved mainly due to its small size and neglect of his mother, who was more concerned with getting their fix and fulfill their need telesniima of the coidadospara. Due to these problems, Chiron is being bullied, insults hurled at him that he did not understand, not knowing that they intended to causevreda.Pomimo also Cuban-American friend Kevin, Chiron has a small tab, you have in your life, from a local dealer Juanquen can see that it is neglected, and an affectionate girl Juana Teresa, whose home runs as a sanctuary for outlaws and Paula abuses. With this as a base hood Chiron can predodredenipat in life, they will rise only