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Microsoft NET Framework 4

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Microsoft .NET is a special platform designed to help developers create new applications for Windows.

Microsoft .NET Framevork 4 has been developing the necessary components and run .NET-based applications on the system: libraries, routines, komunalijei other important elements.

MicrosoftFramevork .NET 4 is the latest version of the development platform, and includes important new features such as a simplified form of HTML and CSS, support multitachkiravanne in Windows 7 and SurfaceSDK, improved debugging, and more togaviše.

Using Microsoft .NET Framevork4, you will be able to develop the latest programs running on the .NET Framevork.

Free Microsoft Framevork of the world’s leading manufacturer of software allows users to create web, desktop and mobile applications are designed to work on mobile devices, personal computers and Windowsbediener, which is part of Visual Studio. Application raspratsavanina can a global audience this basisnearly a quarter billion potrošačau reach a wide range of devices, including Windows, desktop, mobile, Surface Hub, Holli lens and Xbox.

description of the structure

It is a Microsoft NETFramevork, comprehensive and sustained development model for building applications zaštićenekomunikacija and the ability to simulate a variety of related business processes. This provides significant paliapshennepradmeti basis as CLR (Common Language Runtime) and BCL key (basic class library), isthe new files showed memory, and numeric types, a number of interesting innovation in primary and Visual C # language programming and support for the contact windows, function, multi-touch, control strip, the task tray ektension functions SK and surface. VFC data services is a key component of the framework, the creation of representative korisnikaState transfer (Rus) based services and programs vikaristovvaiutsOpen data protocols (o) data to digest and display ofdata facilitates the Internet.

Box interface and usability

At present, there are only 5 iterations framework, in particular, Framevork4, Framevork support .NET SP1 (Service Pack 1), which is a companion package of iterations. NET Framevork version supported by the SP2 (SP2), and then using the .NET Framevork, in turn, supported by SP1 and .NETFramevork that supports ookSP1. You can install multiple versions platforme.NET and coexist on the same machine, without losingfunction. In most cases, you can get the latest iteration of the framework for the management of applications built with older versions of . Free PDF Editor 1 64/32 Bit torrent download
NET. The latest .NET Framework4 will automatically napredovatinapred with previously established, older programs. These applications require special NET Framevork, they are designed to metavihbits pre-installed, if the investor has a configuration file provided for the application to run on .NET Version Framevork change om4 platform.

Sumirajućisve growingnumber of applications using the .NET Framevork Windows Update feature and requires the user to the new version, which makes it obligatory to install for developers and ordinary users. In some cases, users suffer problems with the installation, opdateringen install the program. Recovery tool Microsoftosts available for free download can save Framevork NET fully optimized and well able to cope with the developers and the care and online digital life Windows users.