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Prototype 2

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Prototype 2 is much better than we expected. It has a strong storyline and main character can sympathize, but actually improved in every way, gameplay, making the game sandbox perhaps the most robust available. Prototype 2 is a great game.

Play Sergeant James Heller, a soldier has credentials that are altered. deadly virus swept through New York to kill his family and leave nothing to live, but a man who acusanMorte to kill – Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first prototype.

prototype2New York Zero divided into zones depending on the degree of viral infection. There is a green color, which should be safe, yellow, which is rich and full of slums where the virus is found, and red, where the virus is widespread. You will face problems in all these areas in its path durchf├╝hrenAlex Mercer. Using the other, Sergeant James Heller can assume your identity Eleri memories.

Hellerasyly Prototype 2 does much fun – jumping, climbing and good fly through the city and fight and never boring variiertnicht.When calling, have better tactics and more enemies and bosses range is exceeded. The penetration of enemy formations as beautiful as a kind of test taking other people eating and ignored. The following options are available to increase as we move forward, for example, a soldier who transformation ecol├│xicaLembre the game Prototype 2 to 18 rated!

Geller is an attractive character, with some excellent things and often ridiculous during the game. Prototype 2 is in general areexcellent, with some effects are pretty terrible. There are some good for graphics. New York is very good and full of life and detail, is to make an attractive environment for navigation.
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Helicopters and tanks in Prototype 2 looks fantastic, as dianteespecialmente rozryvayuchyyihin pieces!

Usually Prototype 2 is a big improvement on the original with pleasure. There are occasional moments of unity in some missions, but in general, developers Radical Entertainment has learned from theirerrors. This is one of the most beautiful in recent years shown a grinding plot captivating, charismatic characters and some graphics really impressive. Not to be missed.