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FIFA 15 Ultimate

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team you can create and manage your dream team. Come out to the field and take part in competitions, where you can earn experience points and virtual money to spend on recruitment of the biggest stars to improve your team.

larotechnically advanced and include the refined gameplay, perfect for a tablet PC or a touch that makes a fun sequel to the game (not to mention that it’s free). withoutdoubt, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is required for all fans of football simulators.

saMayroon have a businessto business?

Ultimate Team Team invites you to participate actively in the transfer market by buying and selling players. You can increase the value of his team and, more importantly, to develop the chemistry between your players that they ipinalayosa field, increasing your chances of winning.

Need to bewise to find and buy the best players for your tactics and your style of play, knowing that you maximize budeteNuzhno chemistry between teammates.

tunayTeam includes a variety of game modes. You can play aquick match, take part in the Championship or Cup, or even challenge the team of the week. You can also relive the most important games each week from real leagues around the world.

for the peopleonly interested in the administrative aspect, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team has introduced a new fast simulation. In this mode, you can watch the game komandySo his hand and like a real coach, to make decisions during the game (substitutions, tactical changes) to win.

FIFA15 Ultimate Team offers 30 different championships,including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1, more than 500 teams and a database of more than10 000 players.

No matter if you are an expert or a beginner: FIFA 15 Ultimate Team you can change the level of kahirapanAI, while pyatNastroyki difficulty to choose from.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team interface similar to the interface of the version of Windows with a very modern design and efficient navigation between menus. Finally, you can get the certificate in the game, reaching specific goals.


Ingeneral,gameplay is good but it does not compare with stunning fluidity analog desktop. There are a ton of animation, but some kazhutsyaNemnogo slowly. This year, new methods to protect tactical protection was introduced, as well as a number of new moves.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is optimized for tablets, that is, does not support a mouse and keyboard, but offers two types of touch controls: one based on gestures, such as reading and depression, and others are based on klasikongvirtual joystick. I saw the latteris more convenient, giving you a better feel of the game.

Discrete grafikaDvigatel a fantastic environment

The graphics engine shows that we have seen in previous editions of the game.It is not as developed as technically excellent graphics, FIFA 15 offers a classic, but it’s still a decent quality. soundtrackis great, as is usually the case with EA, always paying close attention to this aspect. Once you are in the field, you can matamasamataas quality television coverage, although the chants of supportersand other audio effektyYavlyayutsya pretty average.

FIFA UT, for free, for a tablet

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team provides a free of charge one of the most popular namode desktop version of the game for your Windows tablet 10. The variouscompetition means that you will not get bored quickly, and command and control system of the transfer market has been established with clarity and simplicity.

Menu visually impressive and very comfortable, escheDolzhny although the download speed to be improved.

Gameplay is alsonot disappoint, a variety of control systems can adapt to the needs of each player. In addition, the tutorials are very nice, and they really help you understandthe dynamics nggames.

EA can still improve the speed of the game, and there are several small graphics flaws, but overall, the gameplay is really good. FIFA 15 Ultimate Team for Windows 10 was an essential element of any lovers of football simulator.