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American Truck Simulator

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Although the Euro Truck Simulator 2 is intricately combine its success still seems to surprise the players who have not undergone the joy of flight on the open highway. But when driving highways and motorways in Europe to appeal to feel like a real truck driver you need to get into the United States. This is exactly whatSCS Software is here to serve as the title of his latest American Truck Simulator.

zachowaćTransport cargo

It will be difficult to find a difference between the American predecessor of European Truck Simulator. The game is basically the same: start as an independent driver, earn money to buy their own carand build your own business delivery.

But here, perhaps more than any other series, change ustawieniaTo enough. This romantic trip from coast to coast of the United States, listening to country music to stream Internet radio. Thus, even if the game is over driving and physics modeldoes not change the idea ngpaghila zagruzitsusya route length of 66 feel inexplicably different.

Or at least, it was because the current American Truck Simulator gives only two of the USAS fifty states: California and Nevada. Of course, these two countries is a huge land and itIt may take several hours to cross from side to side – even in games fun shrunk the world. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to start some of the most well-known routes.

There maagaaraw at SCS Software plans vypustsitsShtaty as the next DLC – going to explain the budget jakiśsposobem pricesAmerican Truck Simulator is. In addition, he is confident that the wealth of society mods.

complexity explained

The world looks strange, hunting, management of their natural environment, suburbs and urban centers to look and feel much different. napędowywokółevery street neon glow of Las Vegas around you, and the streets are full. This is in contrast adpyasok rough Bakersfield, where you have time to contemplate the vast open space around them. UK Truck Simulator 1 Download Torrent

While the movement looks more impressive, especially their interior truck well modeled.It gives you a sense of the earth, because I regularly find myself szukapo taxi to get a better look in the mirror and other feedback.

If you decide to control the isangpad action, keyboard or wheel American Truck Simulator will guide you through the wizard to make sure you’re ready before yougo. My advice is to keep the automatic selection, at least initially. You will have enough to do, once you learn how to handle sobieprzyczepa, GPS and other options.

Buying new trucks and promote the transport company is controlled by a simplemenu forward and explain the comprehensive directory. Depth of field, and in addition to the action as they grow empire pots and manage their finances. this is optional, so if you want to follow the life of a freelancer – winning doświadczenielepiej cargo deviate and enjoyby encouraging management strange experience – you can.

In it for the long term

American Truck Simulator series continues a great family, and came to an amazing price. For beginners in the genre of cargo should be noted that a direct comparison, ostatecznareleaseng that Euro Truck Simulator 2 with all the DLC significantlymore gulnya.Ale size aside, the new plant will have a certain magic to it – especially if you have a country music roaring out of the speakers.