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WinRAR v5.50

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WinRAR benefits special data compression support for various formats, including RAR, ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, ACE, TAR, GZIP, uue, ISO, bzip2, Z and 7-Zip. It allows you to create, organize and manage documents how convenient and fast.

Feature-rich install

Sophisticated algorithms use compression to create smaller archives, Save disk space and create file sharing. Audio and graphics files benefit from special collection algorithms, one that does not compromise on quality. TouključujeWindows Explorer shortcuts for easy access and drag and drop support as well.

WinRARHal also allows for separate archives in multiple volumes; In this way, large collections are divided into other smaller ones, which make it the perfect way to share large files.

Security and ease of use

If you want to provide your time, you can protect your data with passwords, While repair function is very useful when you are trying to collect corrupt determination.

Also činiveliki jobsWhen it comes to compressing files, WinRAR also integrates special features that allow you to manage archives with just one click.You can file backup Iouri want to compress, you can test the saved files and you can bring virus scanner before Decompression, without putting the data Stored on your computer is in danger.

Speed ​​of compression and efficiency

During testing, compression and compressed processes work very quickly, and that should happen in your case,Computer huts can handle the task.

The problem is only the actual experience associated with hardware resources, as well as working with 3 or 4 archives at the same time can be a small size for a slow computer.

All the big series

All in all, WinRAR is also a type of compression technology. It allows you to format the compression to use the interface in a high-tech complex hidden under Hood.

WinRARnesumnjivodolazi with special discount on the market momentThis and even the offer, it is a compression tool that you can install on Windows.

What’s new in WinRAR Version: new trial1 What:

Beta Version 1

1. WinRAR command line Format rar RAR archive from the beginning.

You can change the format according to the preferred format that has RAR4

Keep switching at command-line interface or-ma4.

If you want RAR format that by default, use the building;

WinRAR setting knob compression and set RAR4

Box view.

This change only affectsClean new install. If you have saved

FormRar in the standard compression profile in the past,

WinRAR respectfully saved settings.

2. Use the key to set the master password management discussion password

Encryption of preserved records and passwords protects them from unauthorized ones


If the saved password is protected by the master password must be

Master the password and click Sokok access Uuno

They. If the password does not match the master password,

It is treated as a regular passwordFor archive jobs.

When he logs in, Master password is valid until WinRAR is closed.

Close WinRAR and open again after master password

If you want to see how the protection works. Enter it right then

Empty master password to encrypt protected from before

Record password.

VersionWinRAR is the password information for the organization

TakoLozinke saved password for readable dialog

Older version. This does not affect being stored in encrypted form

And archive encryption is compatibleWith previous version ofWinRAR.

Organizational data will be converted to a new format when it is saved

And immediately after installing WinRAR.

3. Ask questions to determine the master password is displayed

When saving the password in the file compression program. You can

Master password to encrypt data stored in password registration

Cleaning of unauthorized access. You will need to enter

Master password to access password box

ItTextile profile then.

When heEnter, this master password is valid until WinRAR is closed.

Close WinRAR and open again after master password

If you want to see how the protection of performance.

4. By default, WinRAR uses AES -256 encryption in CTR mode for archive posts.

While the AES -256 is safer than the postal heritage

Encryption algorithm can be some old nespojivosa

Software unzip. If you work with these tools,

Can be encrypted in postage inheritance

Consult or use the -mezl switch on the command line.

5.Added support for the effort to build .LZ Lzip.

6. modern TAR tool can time sheet, high precision, length

Filename and fire extension of special extending DRX

TAR archive in. Now WinRAR supports these mouths tubers

And use them when archived TAR.

Time change of store selection 7.nov in the archiving climate

Consultations can be used for storage time restrictions, editing documents

RAR archive. When the former precision solutions

Alternative forms of precision time.

8. thread pathFull bar options in Settings / General are discussed.

If launched, the full path when the folder or collection opens

Shown in the title bar of WinRAR.

9.New type of page / Archives offer document will be opened

The first group of storage options. Ovdemožete Set to Enter

Or double-clicking on a file is not an extension of archive storage

Content should be processed in the WinRAR document list. FireAlpaca 1.0 update download free torrent example

These files are self-extracting or .dock.eke archives.

You can create a WinRAR forOpen the file is saved

To guide them to make them the same or different handling

And from the archive never take a certain type of document

Even if they do not contain any hidden content.

Default is set to open Eke extraction itself to open

The archive extension drugivrste is not archived.

Despite these options, you can be like

Archive documents by pressing Ctrl + PgDn its name in the list of WinRAR documents.

Copy the full command from the File clipboard menu

MakeThe full name of the selected file to the clipboard.

This command is also added to the menu

When right clicking on list in WinRAR. Some other commands,

Which is currently on the toolbar or in the main menu,

Likeviev and repair, is uklonjeneiz this menu.

11. LM ZIPKS and added to the list of configuration / integration associations


12. LZ ZIPKS and extensions are added to the standard document format list

Switch-Miss (specified type of document in store) opened without parameters.

13. You can manageCharacter ‘F’, SC value switch using UTF-8

. Encryption For example:

Post -scfl arcname @

Reading text is UTF-8.

14. RAR and VT command this time with a nanosecond file

Accuracy. Storage building used by uRAR5

The RAR / Unix and then. WinRAR archive created 100N

Precision time files.

15. Only “+”, “-” and “1” are good precision support

In Svitch-ts now. Use “+” to save the file at a time

Accuracy, ‘-‘ to eliminate time and document ‘1’ to remain

Accuracy1 second. The right medium-sized regime ago

Determined by ‘2’ and ‘3’ to not RAR

Select and ignore by -s switch.

16 If your document is in kadaraspakivanje password encryption

In the RAR5 archive, WinRAR offers the correct password

For the same document again, not the extraction abort.

Information makes 17 references will appear if the mouse cursor is over

The name for the archive document in the operation window takes place.

18. Profile movement now shows compression

In consultation gathered atTop, Button.

19. If the search command is called from within the archive folder,

No file will contain the path to this folder.

TakoFind will find only subfolders.

20. Know fiked:

A) WinRAR can unpack compressed archive zip files

AlgorithmCCC and encrypted with AES;

B) If Windows option progress bar to depart WinRAR

Create each document to a separate gallery Archive mode is used,

Parts of the progress bar show the overall level

Accurate relationship information;

V) SFX extraction processArchive does not apply in this case

Multivolume SFX archive of all sizes zapremineprelazi 4 GB;

D) If the archive folder name includes the end, if the user

Select and extract the file in the root of Arsipmap

But if the name can not let the choice of extraction

Close, WinRAR can lose one or more characters

And extract the filename;

E) If time or only to make access to the final file is stored inRAR5

Collection 1 of the second precision, as is the case with -ma5 -tsm- -tsa1

This switch will saveTime has been ignored in time.