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Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes – it’s everything you could want for fans of Marvel Heroes. Last name «Tales Traverser in» – a fun game in which achieved a perfect balance between the world of comics and little yellow figures.

Adventures in the construction and deconstruction

Lego Marvel Super Heroes cynraddddelw in – it is a scene that is familiar to players of conventional Lego games. In this case, you move around a closed scenario, although very broad, and you move through resheniyaGolovolomkiand enemies killed.If you can also collect details and abroad erailleitemau along the way, then you can enjoy the surprise.

Unlike other Lego games, which, despite the low level of complexity, sometimes you can think of a few, to go to the next step, in Marvel Super Heroes Lego, be stated very clearly the way forward. gêmyn say almost all the time what to do next, or through messages ( “You need to be a great character to break through the door”), or with a very prominent ukazatelyamiTakihyou as a “spider” Spider-Man.

Despitethis simplicity, the game is very interesting, because every step is very well planned with fully destructible classic scripts and resources for access to different areas.

In addition to the levels of classical training, allowing you to unlock new characters and areas erailluchafbwyntiau include open world where you can perform a short mission or just to get the opportunity to explore the city with their favorite characters.

Marvel heroes remaintrue to its roots

Most Lego Marvel Super Heroes ollwyddiant -it’s how Tales Traverser manages to convey the essence of each character cartoon aLego doll. All power each character shows very successful: they are very similar to comic book heroes, and, in turn, is adapted very well to the mechanics nodweddiadolgemau.

For example, Halkkan turn into Bruce Banner and his destructive power vitseNaoborot and above average; Spider-Man has a number of ways it can use itsnetwork, and Black Widow, as well as skills in battle – a team of “designer” and the one who can solve theproblem.

Of course, all these police are depicted with Lego sense of humor, but a sense of humor, which also respect the characteristics of each character in the comics and movies.

Exciting, but less than before

graffigpeiriant in the Lego games is showing its age. What appeared to us in good health a few years ago, is no longer limited to just attractive. But you need more thought to eachage?

Marvel characters are not only being planned well in terms of their capabilities, but their physical resemblanceto the originals is also great. More characters physically, as the villain Galactus or The Sandman, offers some of the most striking moments in Marvel Super Heroes Lego.

As remarkable as New York recreated, and the functions of the world scenario mae’nfel open. If you’ve ever passed through the city of skyscrapers, you can learn some of the famous landmarks and buildings, all of them,of course, turned to the style of Lego.

Sound guys also do a good job, gydamwy than assuming acceptable (although I still enjoythe Lego games), as well as the soundtrack, which is based on the theme, whichwere made for different stables Marvel movies .

A first-class fun

Tales Traverser has done it again: they have a very popular franchise and managed to turn into Lego, as a result of receiving an amazing fun game.

Lego Marvel may not have the Super Heroes game is very complex, but therespect shown to marvel, great sense of humor and a variety of characters and levels, from wneudei quite interesting to play, no matter what your ageor skill using the controls.