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Ma Config 7

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Despite the fact that the consumer computer systems in recent years have become easier to use, they are still complex device often needs a little fine-tuning to ensure smooth and optimum performance. Ma configuration free utility that scans your systemindicating the hardware and software components and allows for downloading hardware drivers and software updates correct if it detects a problem.

Your menjagasistem smoothly

zavdyakyPovnyy hardware and software functionalityMo-Config software profiling to help identify inappropriate or outdated driver that can lead to conflicts and slow down your system.
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lunaksoftware device provides a complete overview of software components and hardware on your system and make proposalson possible conflicts. The application also provides continuous monitoring equipment of various properties such as the use of temperature and stress, and can menganalisislaporan poshkodzhennyavid your operating system to help suzitPo all questions.

Give your computer’s configuration

Ifyour system running slow or unreliable, Ma-Config can help diagnose the problem. In addition, you can also save the current configuration to help you restore your system in case of failure to develop in the future.