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Spotify 1.0

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Spotify turned the world upside down in the water to music online, users have access to a massive music anywhere, anytime offering.

Even if other services similar to this: the inevitable, Spotify several features that make it stand out from the rest of the dauka.musika Spotify can find many ways (artist, album, genre, decade, according to the brand labels) as you want to create multiple playlists and share with others users, as well as learn more praVashyzabal favorite tape,for more details of the biography. Spotify also helps you discover new music performance and services through the radio.

Open, unlimited Premium: There are three types of accounts is Spotify. 10 free classified month free support hours are limited (200 songs), and allows you to play each song five times. Limit ads are no restrictions and no play. Finally, includes premium high-quality MP3 (and without ads or restrictions) and, in addition, stand-alone playlistsThey are to make.

Spotify is one of the most important social.

Spotify version of the brand new features to manage and sync music to iPod, iPhone or Android included.In addition, the Spotify mobile app available to everyone, not just popular with users. And finally, Spotify download service through which individual MP3 songs, as well as your playlists you can buy and download launched. The price of the number of songs you want to upload you will have to pay for each track araberakoatoChym less playlist. credit card or through PayPal, you can pay, even if eventually accepted when you buy a single song.

Like a fine wine, Spotifygets better with age. If you do not mind restrictions on the free version (or Youre to unlimited / willing to pay a premium), it will be time to play music agianZure enough to break the desktop.

Spotify you can view, share and purchase music, not only for your favorite team throughout life, but izusim including forms and artists.


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