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Title: Mrs. Fire

Genre: the more violent action, simulation of war

Developer: DolphinBarn

Publisher DolphinBarn

Date: June 3, 2017

For this game,

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, pit and in the judgment of blood, against an enemy of the scene.

the grace of the Romans, through the powerful ones of the politichkivranglings opportunaad

increase the chances of winning in the arena, and generally improve your name,

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Mrs. pixel art of war is based simulationRomanae old gladijatoriuchilishta vague.

system requirements

Minimum: Operating System: 7Processor: GhzMemori GB RAMGraphics 4: 3 OpenGL 3D cards (not included) Storage: 300 MB available spaceSound card: Note: This takes about 2 hours of continuous play time win

Recommended: OperantemRatio Windows 7 1000 processor, Pentium 3 Memory: 8 MB RAMGraphics, 4 OpenGL 3D cards (not included) Storage: 400 MB spaceSoundKarticaSpecial free, and it takes about 2 hours continuous play time win