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The midwife received unexpected news from his father’s old mistress. Claire is a midwife at the hospital. He is Man, and useful, and surrender to their patients. But his life does not sleep roses for all. His work tries to close the door and convince his wife to decide to work in a new modern hospital that is considered a “baby factory”. His personal life is not a victory: he is not married and is not easy to friends. To make matters worse, he studentovsyn SimonGeleidelikHome while she develops a relationship with her new darling Lucy. This is when Batrice, her father’s former mistress, decides to act again.Exentric, tormented, sensual, amorale woman (the real opposite is actually) is really a kind of person that she should be mixed.
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But Batrice they raised immediately suffered from brain cancer, and is one there turned out to be. Between rejection and responsibility, make Claire?