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Beach Head 2002

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Beach Head 1983 action / strategy game that is one of the Second World War. You play in various parts of the amphibious assault to seize the islands in the Pacific theater of war. After each level of the game, part of the first attack of enemy position duzusea responsible strategy with the latest attacks. Each stage is fundamentally different from the experience of playing a variety of minigames.

Operation accompanied by arms

Beach Head zen80ko is released on aCritical punch, and it’s easy to see why. Time is clumsy (but the ambition of the day) to drive a package that combines a wide range of different types of games beyond shooting navigation. You have to send a ship on the island, where a fleet of enemy tanks at gidatukoekaitz time, and then take a hard defended island to seize the enemy bunker. The controls are simple – you’re just one kiravannetranspartnyBy the eyes, and sometimes shoot – and the sound of minimalism. ChemSketch 11 0 x64 x86 Lissa Download

A classic worth of

Beach80. Graphics andHead to sound, of course, can not hold a candle with modern equivalent, but the gameplay is fun and interesting. The history of video games is worth checking out if you are interested in this ambitious title, no doubt.