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PES 2015 Pro

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PES 2015 has come back to challenge the thrill of the best player in the FIFA game.

Since last year, improved gameplay, water animation, and physical progress. TheAI is great and nature makes everything a regular team honestly.

PES 2015 is content. The best players see themselves as athletes, they are designed and absorbedWater, stadium atmosphere.
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Competition for everyone

ProEvolution Football 2015 has many ways of playing: Friendly competition among nations, playersMany online, in the Master League, has become the new club itself FIFA Ultimate Team.

The game has a land permit as important as the Champions League, the Europa League,European Super District. The National League was included, but also licensed.

For beginners, PES 2015 includes training in skills through the teaching of techniques needed to succeed in mchezo.Vengi from this game as FIFA said.

For a new gameplai

There are significant differences between control 2015 PES 2014, butThe better answers are better.

UhuishajiMchezaji is very convincing, but there are situations when they are clumsily moving. Dribbling more and more players on the field are convincing.

The physics is better, the changes in the heavy ball are felt to play earlier.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 can be controlled by the most intelligent FIFAAnd will allow space and time for the strategy better.

You can use the system and the management system it can create for can be used ushindani.Hizi techniques any time in the competition that makes the game more dynamic way of flow.

AI is convincing and instead expect performance expectations,What is the practice through the game and make the game a bigger challenge.

One thing I like most is that Pes 2015 is able to duplicate the style of the game team. FC BarcelonaInaiulikana for possession of Real Madrid exploits speed, direction and Bayern are strong and unpredictable. That makes playing PES 2015 feel like real competition.

Awesomeliving room

Dog 2015nude better picture. The incredible physical resemblance of the popular player and the small details still impressive.

The atmosphere of the stadium is good, the noise of the crowd arises, the density of the noise of the mass is the basis of how competitive. They include viewers to contribute more realism to the game.

FIFA dethroned?

PES2015Is a great soccer simulator.

Konami is a great step towards improving the game. The game is not perfect but because of the small number officially licensed, the listing listing date, not all the life is improved.

These are small and painful differently fun.

The gap between FIFA and PESHat will not get muchAnd Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.