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The game features the latest updates

The game includes all the DLC released:

Sniper Elite 4 – Cold Winter Warfare Expansion Pack

Sniper Elite 4 – Urban Assault Expansion Pack

Sniper Elite 4 – Death Storm Part 2: Infiltration

Sniper Elite 4 – Allied Forces in a small package

Sniper Elite 4 – Expansion Pack Night Fighter

Sniper Elite 4 – Death Tower Part 1: The Beginning

SniperElite 4 – Silent Warfare Weapons Pack

Sniper Elite 4 – Secret Heroes character update

strelokElitecorrect 4 – Target F-phones

Sniper Elite 4 – Camouflage Rifles Skinpack

Sniper Elite 4 – Season Pass

The game is multilingual

English French German Spanish Italian Polish Brazilian Portuguese

Chinese Traditional Chinese RwsiegSimplified

You may install additional languages, other than English

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