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RecBoot 1.3

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Do you have a problem with your iPhone? Do not worry, most of the time with the solution: recovery mode or reset. Until now you can only access it by pressing the key combination but RecBoot stuff is easier and it takes just one click.

IOS mode is very useful

Recovery mode is the solution to many iOS problems, so access can help you reshare the device in case of updateFirmware with the error of “killing” your iPhone.

Usually, you have to pressKey combination on the device to perform recovery on iPhone. Sometimes this is not possible, especially if the home button on the iPhone is broken. Thanks to Recboot, you can go into restore mode without pressing any key.

RecBoot activates recovery mode with three simple steps: connect iPhone to PC using USB cable, run software and click Enter Recovery Mode. If you do not have anymoreUse this mode, just click Exit Recovery Mode and iPhone will return to normal.

UseOnly under certain conditions

Recovery mode is designed for advanced users who want to perform some operations on their iPhone. If it’s not in this mode, naminHindi recommends you to use it, because it’s above it in the middle of your iPhone’s operating system.

You should also take into account That, for now, RecBoot will only work on computers with 32-bit operating systems. If you are 64 bit, this program will not work. We hope this will be fixed in the futureUpdates from apps.

Regardless of these requirements, RecBoot requires an iTunes, or more replicate, and .NET Framework version.

A life-saver for your iPhone

RecBoot can revive the iPhone after it stops working because of a failed firmware update, and can also recover from your phone thatyou think you have lost.
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