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Wish Upon 2017

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The teenager reveals a box of magical powers and uses them with a deadly price. A teenage girl reveals a magic box that will give her seven wishes. When his desire for personal gain is to overcome the bad things of those around them.
It’s an evil entity in the box and it reveals that behind a cruel death.

TwelveA year after the discovery of their mother’s suicide, a 17-year-old high school was abused by CLARE Shannon, a shameAccording to his manic, the father’s father and vonIhre Jonathan ignored the long-standing failure. Everything will change in the registration of the house of the music box of the old fathers in his owner whenIt’s about seven desires. Claire is at home, while she is skeptical about this magic box, she can not but be seduced by the dark forces, and how to radically improve the life of each donde of a donkey is surprised. Clare finally to life and it seems to always be perfect – people who are closest to their violentWays and complexes of every request, until his death. Claire recognizes that he needs to be removed from the box, but he is able to stand out and be willing to separate himself with his new and improved life-the way to the dark and dangerous.