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UC Browser 6 +Portable x86 download

UC Browser 6

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UC Browser PC is one of the options of UC browser, specially designed for use in desktop computers. It requires great computing power, and provides Internet access without sewing for people with slow Internet. The browser gratuítopara Windows is ideal for people with low computer desktop and / or people with an Internet connection slow.

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UC Browser is not new, but time moves on mobile devices.
That pamPC BrowserUC with more features and functions than most other new browsers for PC.

The most famous feature is its ad blocker, which is very modern to reflect the latest types of ads that other browsers allow you to penetrate. It has an interface guidelines, as many other browsers, and a download manager that allows you to see what a load, and to what extent zavantazhennyaProhresuvav

Originally built porquenavegador for dyfeisiauffonau, there is also a thumbnail modeyou can use it for your own convenience and repeat the experience, in a mobile device. If you are used to using Google Chrome, personaxesve top of your browser looks very familiar, for example, my character or three gray line shows the menu options.

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Websites navegadorcarga speed that allows you to see if you have a slow internet connection. hysbysiadauMae need correction, but understanding and accessto the equipment is simple and convenient, especially download tool that runs automaticamentecando start downloading.

It has an interface very similar to Google Chrome, unless the design and style of Chinese, although vseTekst is English. Does not require large amounts of memory tools or power tools procesamentoporque there and get to work much faster than Firefox.

One of the best features defnyddioldebyw’r fact that you can open several different investments without slowing down your computer or causarfracaso.For example, if the browser opens a lot of videos in different tabs, the browser is minimized and / or emergency working on computers slower, then yakZ UC, tabs load only after clicking on them.

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UC Browser for your PC – an improved version of the most popular browser for mobile UC. As a result, it is easier and faster to use, because all you need is here on the screen need to spend between one to menoresand the other version.

It also krascheOptymizovana reducing speed Internet, which is a change from the mobile version, since we have a lot of mobile devices more baixatraballar rate Internet than most desktops.

Even if you have a fast computer, browser UC is still a good choice, because it allows you to navigate the Internet quickly, but it has a great background.

seventh problems with browsers in its stoliTomu being loaded or processed very slowly, whileUC browser is required. If you have a slow computer and / or access to the Internet slow and tired of waiting to see browsers baleirasmentres page renderyruyte, then UC, of ​​course, is your browser.