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BS Player PRO 2

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Since the Internet burst in 2000, BSPlayer was downloaded more than 60 million times according to its developers. The goal of the player is “to allow users to focus on viewing the movie instead of dealing with poor computer capabilities or running aroundAnd kijkenjuiste settings and codecs. “For those who have problems with mainstream media players suggested BSPlayer may prove to be a useful alternative.

Supports all types of media, including AVI, MPEG, ASF, WMV, MP3, etc. Midi Player 3 installer Torrent , but also a specialized magazine in the game users of DivX.VeelDivX files will not work on other players, BS Player. One of the main drawbacks with many media players is cheating agents, but BSPlayer consumes no more than many audio players and launch time is pleasantly fast. Because it does not make much use of VanVan processing, it is more suitableFor users with slow machines that do not require too many luxurious features.

BSPlayer supplied with BSMediaLibraryKoj can manage all multimedia content and allows CreationPlay to own their own lists. It also has a lot of skin available for download, manyDesigned by other dedicated users.

The main drawback of BSPlayer is the hidden menu, which appears and disappears when you click on it. It becomes vervelendals you are listening to something when using another application. However, by reading subtitles and simple files DragAnd drop ekranotZa opening files, so that you can avoid the annoying menu. You also have a small graphic equalizer, and you can ladendat the player with other codecs you might need.

In general, definitely try for those who have problems with DivX files or are tiredFrom cumbersome regular supply is worth.