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Facade 1.1

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Note: The facade only in Windows ME for XP. You do not have Vista or higher. The facade is a unique free interactive adventure game that uses Artificial Intelligence (IA), where its role is to avoid the dissolution of marriage.

Developers Fassa seu interino describe the most complicated thing than “to overcome the attempt of a traditional office or a link to an individual interactive drama, fully realized by integrating an interdisciplinary group of art and creating practices and technologies.” They arePlaying the game itself and a long-time friend of the couple called Grace and Trip, the developers describe it as “attractive and materially successful marriage in their thirty-one years.”

The plot is as follows: During the meal, which is brought into your home, things are ugly (it is unclear why) and led to the destruction of the marriage for free and Triple in some way. Nobody is safe as positions on facade, sides taken and decisions neobratimiVzimat that hosts zerstören.Ihr purposeHe is happy to ensure that finally, Grace and Trip will be together and not for expensive productions diluted foods.

To control your character, you must write to communicate with other navigierenund characters with the arrows and objects of use with the mouse cursor. What he says, the characters influence their actions and kiss themselves, even if it is not an exact science. You can not expect response nyakolkoMomenti or characters that you can respond in a strange way.

The main problem with the facade,They never work surprisingly well over the years, however, it is upgraded to Vista or higher, which is a real shame. If you are still using Windows ME to XP, then you can play facade. At the same time, those who can play the game no perfect moment to enjoy have to see many scenarios for YouTube videos you have to do is dedicated to the facade.

It’s a shame that the facade does not appear in later versions of Windows, because there is a very original concept, more than just someLaughter to settle before the conflict.