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The Flash S03E07

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In this spontaneous popular series of arrows on CW, scientist Barry Allen is exposed to radiation from a particle accelerator. Association with a combination of chemicals, Barry gained the ability to move from svrahbarzost and devoted his life to solve the riddle of the battle and who was killed.

X-Files Singer and wonAmerican science fiction television series The Golden Globe “Emmy”, created Krisom Karter, which was first broadcast on September 10, 1993Year, and ends on 19 of my 2002.
South Park s20e17 g.Prez season of the series was a network hit Fox Broadcasting Company, and its main slogan simvalyi (“The truth is somewhere out there” “do not trust anyone”, “I want to believe”) It became pop-cultural wallpaper . The X-Files are regarded as defining the 90s, which coincided with the general belief in government in the interests of the era in conspiracy theories and spirituality and belief in life isnavannepazazemnay. TV Guide called X-Files, the second largest religious programTV and 37DobroTelevizionno the best show of all time. In 2007, the magazine «Time» placed it on the list of the “100 best television programs of all time.” In 2008 godeEntertainment Weekly called classic science fiction and the fourth best television program in the last 25 years. This long drama «FOX» has lasted nine seasons and centers on FBI agent Fox Mulder, Dana rocks Dogzhet Jan and Monica Reyes and their investigation into paranormal zyavy.Pa genetic mutantsAnd insecticides to the global conspiracy to colonize the Earth edinChudovishtnata and sometimes scary series is created Kris Karteromnajp most popular science / drama film shows in the world from its humble beginnings in 1993, the exhibition also launched two films – this film X Files in 1998 and I want to believe in 2008. So relax and enjoy the exciting world of X-Files. All nine seasons of X-Files are now available on DVD! In addition, there are hundreds of books written onconcert. Emmy Awards 2001 – EksklyuzivgrimZa DeadAlive 2000 series – Best makeup for the series Theef – Best sound for the first episode of the shooter series – Outstanding special effects for the first episode of the episode Person Shooter +1999 – Outstanding Makeup for the series of episodes of two parents and / syn1998 Year – exceptional scenography for the postmodern episodes series Prometheus – Outstanding one image edited on the episode Switch series Kill1997 – Best Actress in a Drama Series DzhilianAndersan – excellent stage design in the series episode memento mori – outstanding sound editing for episode series Tempus Fugit 1996 – Best Actor for guests in a Drama Series pitar Boyle in the final stretch of rest Klayd Oto Mustam It – an outstanding personal achievement in writing doserial Darin Morgan moral of the last episode of rest Klayd Brakman his -Vybitnyya individual Achievement in Cinematography for a series of grotesque episode – IzklyuchitelnoIndividualnoAchievement in Sound Editing for Nis Episodes Series – Best Individual Achievement in Sound in Drama Nisa Episodes 1994 – Vybitnyindyvidualnyya Achievers in Graphic Design and Title Sequences Awards X-Files Golden Globe 1998 – AMD) 1997 – Best Actor in a TV Series (Drama) Devid Duhovny – Best Actress in a Series (drama) Gillian Anderson – The Bestteleviziynyseryi) In March 2015, it was announced that the series would return to a series of six episodes,And Duchovny and Anderson appeared after a 13-year break. Kris Carter on board to write and produce these episodes. Season 10 began broadcasting on January 24, 2016. It is believed that the show canpradovzhanyna to be next season due to the success of the season