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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines download

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines

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Commando: Behind the enemy’s back is a tactical game, during World War II, in which you command a commando team to perform various tasks. Each paratrooper has a different skill that you must use to avoid the guards to destroy the enemy cannon nestAlly kill salvation and more objective. The game is isometric, showing the whole map at once, then you plan your strategy in advance.


Team: DibalikEnemy Lines is a complex game that requires strategic thinking and stress. Unlike most strategy gamesThe command in runs in real time, but it requires you to think and execute your plan quickly. You must master the unique abilities of each member of the team of six soldiers you will achieve your goal. Kill the defender is not tempting, but almost never chaguobora, as you getYour message explodes. Solve the problem can be trial and error, which leads to frustration, but very out of the victory biasabermanfaat. The only drawback is that everyone works basically with one solution right, once you do, little replayability.