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The Tag Along 2

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The tag lying in my teenage daughter, Sha Fen, Tin disappears after the battle, when Ya Tin’s unplanned pregnancy survived. Middle May May believe that Ya Tin is led to mountains of evil spirits. Shu Feng is organizing a search to find her daughter. One of the applicants, Yun Kai findsGirl Yi Jun is in the hospital placed on the hill. Given that Yi Jun is somehow associated with her still-incomplete daughter, Shu Feng allows Yijun to stay with her aloneSo we both experience strange things. The Sense of an Ending 2017 Everything can be traced to a girl’s leg in red dress. I decided to go back to the mountain again to search for I Ting, but they may find something else.

Language: mandarin

Classification: NO

General information Release date: August 31, 2017

Genre: horrible

Runtime: not available

Distributor: RAM Entertainment

Cast: Rhine Young, Tiffany Hsu, Francesca Cao, LungsShao Hua

Director: Chen Wei-Hao

Format: 2D