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American Assassin 2017

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AMERICAN ASSASSIN continues to build Mitch Rap for the black CIA under the orders of the warrior Stan Hurley. Couples were interviewed by Deputy Prime Minister Irina Kennedy for exploring the apparent attacks of military and civilian targets.Together, they have discovered the three stages of anti-violence to carry out the mission, representing the dead Turkish, to prevent a mysterious operation beginning in America, the Middle East for World War I. I.

The death of his girlfriend in the hands of Islam, Mitch Rap into the world of counterrevolution, as well as old navy glass, Sten Hurley’s nails. At the age of thirty-three, Mitch was at the age of fifteen, his parents had lost a tragic accident and brought his girlfriend to a terrorist attack.In search of revenge, the deputy director of the CIA was hired by Irina Kennedy, on the shores. Kennedy was named the Cold War veteran for Stan Hurley Mitch. They will jointly investigate then military and civilian AlpsThere is a wave of random attacks. The discovery of the form of violence has made Turkey a deadly agent to prevent mysterious attempts to begin the war in the Middle East.