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MacOS High Sierra 10

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MacOS Sierra High Image for VMware by SadeemPC

MacOS High Sierra brings the latest technologies and features to your Mac. The new technology in the center of the system makes your Mac more reliable, sensitive and sensitive, and laid the foundation for future innovation. MOOS High Sierra also updates the functions and applications you use every day. MacOS is at its highest level.

VMware Unlocker for all versions of VMware – VMware version 10 and lower or VMware version 11 and higher.


Requirements System:

0 Download VMware Unlocker (Default)

1 Intel processor with hardware virtualization support

2 of 1GB of RAM (I recommend 2GB or more)

3. WinRar, 7-Zip or analog program

4 Current version of VMware Workstation or VMware player (works with earlier versions of the program) Description: VMware virtual machine installed on MacOS Before starting working with the machine, make sure to use it as an administrator of VMware Unlocker. The resolution of the screen mustTo be installed automatically according to the configuration You have started your computer. Other parameters (CPU core, memory, etc.) must be selected according to your device.

Before continuing, we check the hardware adequacy with this program.


RULES OF ADMINISTRATOR ADMINISTRATOR: 123 To start the process, the processor must support virtualization, and if virtualization is off, go through the BIOS. It is recommended to use the VMware Player to reduce the brake warning.For complete and complete inspection of the machine, Use The software VMware Workstation does not pay attention to VMware Player. This image is designed to work with the 14 VMware Workstation version. Attention! Applications for OS X that require 3D acceleration (OpenGL) can not be performed because no driver is required. The only video player that plays the video in this conference is Movist, others just sound without an image. As the key (Command), the keyboard switch (Windows)is set to + Space (empty). If an error occurs, read the information below Counterfeit Error. It is applied when you run OS X on VMware Workstation. Here you can find the iMessage Introduction Guide ()

How to install

1. Install VMware Workstation 14 or VMware Player. Alta Sierra For dismantling macOS

2. Apply the system administrator from the VMware Unlocker file (see tabs on topics)

3. Open the MacOS file through File-Open

4. Set up a machinevirtual for your hardware.

5. Start

Set screen resolution

In the Virtual Machine configuration, set Automatic Detection or set the desired resolution and save it manually.

2. Run Mac OS. To verify the permissions extension system you want it to appear.

3. From point 2, you can select the best list for the monitor in the System Monitoring System.

Connect the USB device

1. Download and delete the file

I took the file


Manual onSystem / Library / Connection folder / Next, with Kext Utility, you need to restore it to the Extensions folder.

2. In the configuration of the virtual machine, the USB controller provides USB compatibility


3. Then try connecting the device

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MacOS High Sierra Information:

Year of manufacture: 2017

Model: (17A365)

Developer: Apple Inc.

Website Development: Apple Inc.

Platform: Intel with support (you can start enteringthe availability of CPU), for AMD there are instructions for the FX series

Language: several languages

Admin: PASSWORD: 123