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Suburbicon 2017

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Suburbs – a peaceful and idyllic pre-municipal community with cheap homes and cared for lawns – ideal for building a family, and by the summer of 1959 the family of puppets made just that.
But the quiet surface disguises an upsetting reality, because Gardner’s husband and father, Louth (MattDamon) had to betray eclipse cities for betrayal, fraud and violence. It’s a story of people with disabilities who make this choice very bad. This is Suburbic.

Suburban When the Lodge Lodge originallyAfter moving to Moscow, they took the minds of others across the city as a good place to share families with affordable houses and manicure gardens. But now there are a series of events and highlighted by the brightness of the city’s truth, Gardner Lodge’s husband and father must find a way to correct or correct the mistake of Moscow-based norms.


Subtitles: Na

classification: NA

Date Current issue: November 23, 2017

Genre: Comedy / Crime / Mystery

Runtime: not available

distributor:MM2 HIBURANSDN BHD

Players: Matt Damon, Julian Moore, Josh Brolin, Oscar Isaac

Director: George Clooney

Format: 2D